thanks, fate



Alexis hated Magnus ever since she met him at the record bar near her apartment. But Fate knew they are meant to be.

Fate: Alexis i swear you two are meant to be! Magnus is a good guy.

Alexis: No! We are not. He is annoying! 

Fate: Okay fine. What do you want me to do to calm your soul?

Alexis: Change his path like you did to mine. 

Fate: For God sake! Alexis, the break up between you and your boyfriend was meant to happen.

Alexis: Kick him out of the town. Let him live somewhere far away from me.

Fate: Even if I do that, your paths will still cross in the future.

Alexis: No! It won’t happen if  you change his path!

Fate: Are you sure? Okay. You want me to do that?  I’m just gonna remind you this “be careful what you wish for”. 

Alexis: Yes. I’m begging you, Fate.

Fate: Okay okay. I promise.

There are no signs of Magnus in their town for five years. Alexis didn’t know that Magnus left.

“Fate was right. I should be careful what i wish for. No annoying Magnus anymore. I won’t lie, i miss seeing him at the record bar” Alexis talking to her cat.

One fine day, Alexis and her cat was waiting for a cab outside her apartment when she saw a gentleman on the other side of the road staring at her.

“Hmm. That guy looks familiar” she whisppered to her cat.

All of a sudden, an old lady grabbed her hand and give her a letter.

“I know i promised that I will change his path but promises are meant to be broken. I’m sorry dear. I told you before, you are meant to each other. I just let him move out of your town but I didn’t change his path in finding you again. Forgive me.

Love, Fate”

The old lady suddenly disappeared the moment Alexis finish reading the letter. And the guy was still standing on the other side of the road but this time he is smiling and waving at her.

“Thank you, Fate. I almost lost him.” she murmured while waving back to Magnus.


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