Wisdom of Tribulations

(From the book ‘The Prick Of A Thorn’ by Dr. Aisha Utz, Page 38-40) Events that seem negative and harmful may turn out to be for the best, while events appear positive, desirable and beneficial on the surface may ultimately turn out to be harmful. The tremendous benefits and rewards for jihad, for example, far out weight the struggle in which the combatant must engage. … Continue reading Wisdom of Tribulations

Types of Permissible Backbiting

(From the book of Imaam An-Nawawee, Guarding Your Tongue, Chapter 3: What Type of Backbiting Is Permissible?, Page 49-56) Know that although backbiting is forbidden, it becomes permissible under certain circumstances when done for a beneficial reason. That which makes it allowable is a valid and legitimate goal, which cannot be achieved except by doing it (i.e. the backbiting). These goals can be broken down … Continue reading Types of Permissible Backbiting